Project design with Devotion

  • 01

    Let’s hear from you!

    Send us an overview of your project via the short questionnaire

  • 02

    Let’s know more

    We will contact you, get to know you more and answer any questions you have

  • 03

    This is the plan!

    You will receive our plan to work on your project, with a price offer based on the requirements and type of the project

  • 04

    Reserve your place!

    You sign the contract, your place is reserved for you, and work on realizing your dream has begun!

  • 05

    Let’s think together

    A successful project requires a lot of careful planning. Let’s discuss what the project requirements are and what your expectations are, so that we can implement them.

  • 06

    How is it now?

    We will study the current state of the site, and what challenges must be overcome

  • 07

    How do we dream it to be?

    The design idea is the first meeting, in which we review: the inspiration, the design concept, the idea board, and the space distribution scheme.

  • 08

    Glimpse of the future

    The second meeting: We present the initial (3D) snapshots and discuss possible improvements to reach the best design

  • 09

    Modifications work!

    You will receive the final shots after making all possible modifications and developments that were discussed in the previous meeting.

  • 10

    How does the dream become reality?

    At this stage, work is done on all drawings and detailed drawings, which serve as a guide to the contractor on the way to implement the approved design.


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