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LaRoy Bakehouse


لاروي بيك هاوس | LaRoy Bakehouse

It is a unique bakery that combines design inspired by refined French and Japanese art with delectable food.

The bakery’s design features elegant ornamental lines that suit the French architectural style and decor, while also incorporating touches of Japanese style in the furniture, intricate details, and clean lines. These elements are combined with captivating elements of pop art!

Overall, LaRoy Bakehouse embodies comfort, luxury, and elegance simultaneously, making it an ideal place to relax and indulge in a captivating sensory experience within a creative artistic setting.

The facade design aligns with the complex, yet it stands out with its striking blue color, details, and French-style entrance gate.

The bar area is inspired by the intricate details of classic French train stations, which can be seen in the clock and the sconces on the sides.

The concept is also reflected in the milk fridge area as well as the staircase railing, and the blue pole that we designed as a point of attraction and taking pictures.

We can see some details inspired by the clean and elegant lines of Japanese design reflected in the design of the left wall. It beautifully and seamlessly blends with the rest of the classic French details, with a touch of colorful pop art in random lines on the right wall, which is associated with LaRoy Bakehouse’s brand identity!

The design of LaRoy Bakehouse is an attractive and captivating blend of the East and the West, infused with distinctive elements of pop art.